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Goddess Chandraghanta

Goddess Chandraghanta, Mantras And Meaning


Goddess Chandraghanta, Mantras And Meaning

chandraghanta maa

3rd Day Worshipping of Goddess Chandraghanta During Navratri

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Origin – Goddess Chandraghanta is the married form the Goddess Parvati. After getting married to Lord Shiva Goddess Mahagauri started adorning her forehead with half Chandra and due to which Goddess Parvati was known as Goddess Chandraghanta.

Navratri Worship – Goddess Chandraghanta is worshipped on the third day of Navratri.

Governing Planet – It is believed that the planet Shukra is governed by Goddess Chandraghanta.

Iconography – Goddess Chandraghanta mounts on the tigress. She wears the semi-circular moon (Chandra) on her forehead. The half-moon on her forehead looks like the bell (Ghanta) and because of that she is known as Chandra-Ghanta. She is depicted with ten hands. Goddess Chandraghanta carries Trishul, Gada, Sword and Kamandal in her four left hands and keeps the fifth left hand in Varada Mudra. She carries lotus flower, Arrow, Dhanush and Japa Mala in her four right hands and keeps the fifth right hand in Abhaya Mudra.


Devanagari Name – चन्द्रघण्टा

Stuti –

या देवी सर्वभू‍तेषु माँ चन्द्रघण्टा रूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नम:।।

Details – This form of Goddess Parvati is peaceful and for welfare of her devotees. In this form Goddess Chandraghanta is ready for the war with all her weapons. It is believed that the sound of the moon-bell on her forehead expel all type of spirits away from her devotees.





















Goddess Chandraghanta, Mantras And Meaning

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