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Durga Puja Mantras – Kshamapan Stotra (Pujaa.se )

Shlokas from a complete Durga Puja, recited by a dharmacharya.

Track: Kshamaapan Stotra
Singer: Pt. Rajendra Prasad Kimothi, Ph.D.
Album: Durga Puja

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According to Hindu thought, man represents the positive charge and woman the negative charge. No creation can be brought about without both these charges being connected. Durga represents the glorification of the female form. She is the shakti behind Lord Shiva.

Every year during the Indian lunar months of Chaitra (March- April) and Aashwin (September- October) the first nine days of the waxing moon are called the navaratri. Devotees of Devi Durga spend these nine days fasting and praying for Her beneficence.

This album contains the complete Durga puja as per the Vedic system, including the saptagriha matrika poojan (puja of the devi”s seven forms), the shodash matrika puja (sixteen forms) and the chatushasti matrika puja (sixty-four forms).
Durga Puja Mantras - Kshamapan Stotra (Pujaa.se )

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