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Durga Mantras – Patni Prapti Mantra (Pujaa.se )

Sanskrit mantra for marital bliss, followed by explanation in Hindi.

Track: Patni Praapti Mantra
Singer: Jitender Singh
Narration: Manuji
Album: Chants of Durga




The powers of the omnipresent and omniscient divine Mother Durga are unlimited. She has the power to grant man any boon that he may desire. Our sages, in ancient times, composed her divine chants, each of which are in the form of a shloka. These chants were incorporated in ”Markandeya Puran”.

All the shlokas in this album have been taken from the Markandey Puran and are considered ”siddha mantras” – mantras whose repetitive chanting can lead to the blessing desired.
Durga Mantras - Patni Prapti Mantra (Pujaa.se )

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