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Arbudadevi Mount Abu shakti peet, mantras, story, video, location, how to reach

Arbudadevi Mount Abu Shakti Peet, Mantras, Story, Video, Location, How To Reach

Situated on the hills of Abu, Arbudadevi is considered as one of the chief pedestal (Peetha) among all the 51 pedestals of ‘Shakti’. His temple is situated towards northwest of Abu town. Temple can be reached by climbing up the stairs. The main spot is situated in the cave, adjacent to the temple. There is a continuously burning lamp inside that cave and devotees have darshan of ‘Shakti’ in its light. A fair is organised on ‘Chaitra Purnima’ and Vijaya dashami. Abu road railway station is situated on the Delhi-Mumbai route. Transport facilities are available from there to the site of the temple.


Mount Abu enjoys the privilege of being Rajasthan’s only Hill station. Arbuda Devi Temple adds to the popularity of this place. The temple is considered immensely sacred and special due to its existence as a Shakti Peeth. The temple is located hardly 3 kms away from Mount Abu.

Mythological story behind this temple explains, when Lord Shiva (God of Destruction) was enraged, Sati or Goddess Durga was caught in Shiv Tandav and her body was destroyed in pieces. Body parts of the goddess fell at many places, the lips fell at Arbuda. Thus the place became sacred and religiously important.

Engrossed by beautiful sceneries, the way to Arbuda Temple includes 365 stairs. The peace and sanctity of this place ensures to rejuvinate the minds of visitors. The temple campus also accommodates temples of Neelkanth Mahadev, Durga and Ganesh.


Arbudadevi Mount Abu Shakti Peet, Mantras, Story, Video, Location, How To Reach

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